Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Quart Jug, 32 oz.

  • $18.95

100% Pure & Natural. 'nuff said.

The quart syrup jug is a great size for everyday use. If you require more, simply order multiple quart jugs. They ship better and more economically then gallon jugs anyhow, because they don't require a special oversized box. All our syrup is 100% pure maple syrup.

Which syrup grade is best? We recommend 100% pure & natural "Robust Taste" flavor Vermont maple syrup. It's produced by small northern Vermont sugar shacks. (Medium and Delicate Taste flavors are also available). Net Wgt. 32 oz. (1 quart)

Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste - Formerly known as "Grade B Maple Syrup" or simply "Grade B" this grade is often used as a cooking syrup and a popular choice for those who enjoy a hearty, robust flavor.

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**Made in a facility that also produces products that contain; peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat.

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