Large Glass Maple Leaf, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, 8.45 oz.

  • $13.95

The one syrup aficionados reach for ever day.

This 8.45 oz. leaf-shaped maple syrup bottle with gold lid, gold elastic gift tag band, and maple leaf gift tag is the syrup you want on your kitchen table year-round. It's stately and just the right volume. And when it's empty, simply order a quart plastic jug and refill it. The leaf bottle shown here is filled with the same 100% pure & natural "dark robust maple syrup" we use to make maple candy, produced by small northern Vermont sugar shacks. (Medium and Delicate Taste flavors are also available) Just the right volume for pancake breakfasts, morning coffees, as well as cooking. Net Wgt. 8.45 oz.

Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste - Formerly known as "Grade B Maple Syrup" or simply "Grade B" this grade is often used as a cooking syrup and a popular choice for those who enjoy a hearty, robust flavor.

Gift Messaging - Inside the gift tag we'll hand-write your personal gift message. You can include the gift message during CHECKOUT.

SAVE and get FREE candy - Get 10% OFF your first order, and all future orders over $49 receive a FREE CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy®.

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